5 Tips To Be The Guy Every Girl Wants To Date

Do you ever wonder what the ?opular’ guys have that draw girls around them like a magnet? Being a girl magnet can be easier that you thought as long as you approach the task in a more broad way. Don’t be a doormat or the guy that everyone ignores. It’s time you step in the right direction towards being the guy every girls wants. Shrug off the feeling of insecurity and doubts and tell yourself that you can be popular and attractive. The other steps will naturally follow. Here are a few tips on how to be the guy every girl wants.

1. Enhance your good qualities

The secret to attracting girls is to be attractive yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to look like a model.  Just work on your physical attributes. Enhance your good qualities; get in shape, lose the extra weight and lift a few weights. Pay attention to grooming, a nice haircut, clean finger nails and clean clothes. There is nothing more attractive that a guy who looks smart and there is nothing so off-putting’ that a slob!

2. Respect the girl

Don’t make passes at the girls the moment you meet them. If you she sees you have more arms than an octopus, she will be keep you at an arm’s length! The big secret here is to respect and always treat women with respect. Girls and women in general always remember a kind word or deed. Listen to her while she talks. Compliment her beautiful eyes and her nice dress. However, don’t overdo the compliments as they might sound fake and send the girl away. If you are kind and respectful, they will soon be queuing up to get a date with you.

3. Honesty

happy coupleBe honest and don’t lead a girl on just for sex. If you are not serious about her, then let her know. This will make her respect you. If you take advantage of her, then it might backfire on you and before you know it she may blacken your name with other girls. Such a reputation will only blow your chances of getting another girl.

4. Stop being boring

Acquire some new interests. If you can only talk about work or television, you will soon become a bore.  Get a hobby, take up a sport, volunteer in a community, read a book and learn where museums and parks are. Dance clubs aren’t the only places to spend a weekend.

5. Choose a good company

People will always judge you by the people you hang out with. If you are part of a group that is harassing the waitress, picking fights, drunks or shouting profanities, you don’t stand much chance of attracting girls.

Trying to be the guy every girl wants to date will only make you a better man. All you just need is strong social skills, confidence and above all respect.